The Beginner's Guide to Medical Tourism

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The Beginner's Guide to Medical Tourism

The popularity of medical tourism is overgrowing, with the global market projected to reach $31.91 billion by 2023. The industry is expected to experience a 14% cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023-2027. Each year, over 10 million patients from different parts of the world seek assistance from doctors overseas. Medical tourism can provide access to superior medical care or a chance to save lives. Keep reading, and we will guide you in preparing for a medical tourism journey.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism refers to traveling abroad to receive medical treatment. Patients seek access to modern diagnosis, therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation methods. The term "tourism" implies that patients may choose to spend time abroad for travel and recreation before or after their medical procedure.

What are the benefits of receiving medical treatment abroad?

High-quality medical services in a specialized clinic to treat rare and complex diseases.

Quality-to-price ratio. Many patients from Europe and the US opt for hospitals in Turkey and South Korea due to the lower cost of treatment.

Innovative treatment. It is an advantage of university hospitals that operate based on scientific institutes.

A long flight to the US is not the best option in case of a hip fracture. Israel has a specific climate. France, Germany, and Switzerland are known for their advanced medical services. Germany, although expensive, has world-renowned specialists who offer the best treatment, such as Prof. Dr. med. Thomas J. Vogl, Prof. Dr. med. Karl R. Aigner, Prof. Dr. med. Frank Gansauge, and many others.

Finding the Perfect Medical Travel Clinic

The popularity of a clinic among medical tourists can be attributed to the following factors:

Comprehensive diagnosis at one hospital without dealing with queues or travel to different laboratories. The process is quick and efficient.

Complex operation for a patient of a specific age group (choose a clinic where children of younger preschool age or people over 80 years old are accepted).

The ability to stay in the hospital for a long time in comfortable conditions (for example, for organ transplantation).

The need to take developed and available medications only in one or some hospitals worldwide.

All-inclusive package services, which can be helpful for those looking to save money on specific types of services.

Top 5 countries for Medical Tourism:

Germany: Hospitals in Germany are widely regarded as the best in the world, offering treatment for heart diseases, cancers, and complex diagnoses. Patients prioritizing quality, accuracy, and good service over cost often choose Germany for their medical care. However, some German residents opt for affordable treatment in neighboring countries like Czechia, Hungary, or Croatia.

Spain: Over 200,000 tourists travel there each year seeking treatment for various illnesses, including oncological, neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular disorders. Spanish hospitals offer a cost-saving advantage of approximately 20% compared to other countries with advanced healthcare systems.

Turkey: It is a prominent frontrunner in medical tourism, attracting approximately one million international patients annually. 46 hospitals have the prestigious JCI international accreditation. The treatment costs are about 30-40% cheaper than similar facilities in Europe.

Czechia: Patients come to treat cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, arthrosis, and urological and gynecological issues. Diagnostics and therapy costs are much lower than in Germany or Switzerland.

Israel: It is well-known for its medical innovations and exceptional patient care. Annually, over 50,000 international patients visit the country, 80% coming for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

When deciding on a destination for medical tourism, it's essential to consider your specific requirements. For top-quality orthopedic care, you can find clinics and medical centers in Western Europe and the US. If you're interested in plastic surgery, Turkey and Brazil are popular destinations. Germany, Israel, and the US are highly recommended for successful cancer treatment.

Cost Considerations for Medical Tourism

The total treatment cost will be determined after the doctor's diagnosis and consultation. Payment for medical services should be made at the clinic's cash desk. Sometimes, for example, in Germany, medical centers may request a deposit or full payment of the therapy fee before the patient's arrival.

With AiroMedical, you can schedule a clinic visit in advance. We can arrange an online consultation with a doctor if you require a second opinion. To request hospital services and receive detailed information on treatment options, please submit medical documentation such as doctors' notes, test results, MRI, and CT scans. Once the clinic has responded, the AiroMedical coordinator will work with you to coordinate your treatment program and assist with organizing your trip.

What Types of Treatments Are Available Through Medical Tourism?

With the increasing need for medical travel to foreign countries, various types of medical tourism have emerged:

Diagnostics: a journey to undergo a comprehensive health check-up to detect any potential issues at an early stage.

Treatment: the trip involves undergoing therapeutic or surgical procedures.

Recovery: includes rehabilitation of the patient after serious injuries, long-term treatment, surgery, or improvement in chronic diseases.

According to marketing studies, the most common procedures for which patients travel abroad are:

Cosmetic surgery (breast, face, liposuction).

Dentistry (veneers and implants).

Cardiac surgery (bypass surgery, valve replacement).

Orthopedic surgery (hip replacement, resurfacing, knee replacement, joint surgery).

Bariatric surgery (gastric bypass, gastric band).

Fertility / reproductive system (IVF, sex change).

Transplantation of organs, cells, and tissues.

Cancer treatment (Oncology)

As a patient, you can select a hospital offering diverse medical services for various medical tourism needs. To find out more about the clinics and their competitive prices, leave a request on the AiroMedicall website. Our doctors will answer all questions about medical tourism and help organize a trip abroad to solve your medical issue.

How Do I Find a Reputable Medical Travel Company?

You can act independently or through a medical tourism company when selecting a clinic and a doctor. Reliable medical tourism companies funded by partner clinics prioritize providing patients with high-quality information, psychological support, and organizational assistance throughout the process of receiving medical services. The advantage of such companies is that they have knowledgeable medical specialists ready to help, advise, support, and immediately respond to the patient's request. Most hospitals pay for the services of these companies, and this doesn't impact the treatment cost for the patient.

The AiroMedical global medicine platform operates based on a principle that allows patients to access the best medical opportunities worldwide without being restricted by a specific country or clinic, for checking best cancer treatment centers in Germany follow this link.

Medical tourism with AiroMedical is:

The ability to choose the most suitable hospital, considering your unique needs.

Preliminary online consultation with a highly specialized foreign doctor.

Proper preparation of medical documentation and sending it to a hospital abroad.

Complete support throughout the treatment process.

Our team comprises highly dedicated medical experts committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements. We carefully analyze statistics on successful treatments and can recommend the best hospitals for your specific illness, ensuring that you have the highest chances of recovery possible.

Natalia Volvak

Natalia Volvak is a medical statistician, technical and senior medical writer at AiroMedical. She has over 25 years of professional experience. Natalia works with AiroMedical in the capacity of a technical and medical writer. She can highlight the benefits and features of medical procedures and approach them in straightforward language. She writes and explains hard-to-understand things within the figures because she has a strong foundation in statistics and is also an excellent writer.

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