Know Your Investor: Qiming Venture Partners

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Know Your Investor: Qiming Venture Partners


  • Our brand-new report, Know Your Investor, is an earnest effort to acquaint our readers with the major investors in the market. Every month PharmaShots aims to bring an informative report on investors and venture capital firms 
  • Our pilot report focuses on Qiming Venture Partners, which is based out of China and has headquarters in Shanghai with branches in six major cities. Qiming Venture Partners profusely invests in therapy areas and new-age technologies
  • With 11 funds in the US and 7 in China, Qiming Venture Partners raised a whopping capital of $9.5B. Sit back and relax while you navigate through our Know Your Investor report

Founded in 2006 by Gary Rieschel and Duane Kuang, Qiming Venture Partners is a Venture Capital firm based out of China. Headquartered in Shanghai, the firm has offices in Beijing, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco.

Qiming’s professional investment team works closely under the expertise of its founders, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, consultants, and financial experts. At present, the company manages 11 funds in the US and 7 funds in China while raising a total capital of $9.5B.

In 2022, Qiming has majorly invested in companies focusing on therapy areas, incl. Oncology and Cardiology whereas the technologies that the company majorly invests in are Artificial Intelligence, Devices, and Small Molecules.

In 2022, Qiming made the highest number of investments amongst the Venture Capital Firms by closing around 64 investment rounds. The company participated in around 11 funding rounds in Q1’2022, 13 funding rounds in Q2, the highest 22 funding rounds in Q3, and 18 funding rounds in Q4.

The top 3 investment by Qiming was made through

  1. Series B funding worth $133M to Structure Therapeutics
  2. Series B funding worth $120M to OriCell Therapeutics
  3. Series C funding worth $120 to Belief Biomed

Moreover, out of the total investments made by Qiming in 2022, 70% of them were under Series A or Series B.

Following a thorough analysis of the industry trends, technological developments, and changes in consumer habits, the company has made several investments across many healthcare firms. Since its inception, Qiming has made more than 600 investments in Biopharma companies, Manufacturing & Service Providers, and companies developing Devices and Diagnostics.

In 2022, Qiming made 28, the highest number of investments in Manufacturing & Service providers. Amongst the Manufacturing & Service Providers, Shanghai ZhenGe Biotechnology received the highest funding worth $100M from Qiming.

In 2022, Qiming invested in 22 Biopharma companies, of which Structure Therapeutics received the maximum funds worth $133M.

When it comes to investing in technologies, Qiming leaves no stone unturned, which is evident from the recent investments made in Antibodies, Devices, Diagnostics, Gene Therapies, Immunotherapies, Nano therapies, Proteomics, RNA-based Therapies, Small Molecules, Stem Cell Therapies, and Therapies based on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

The following table represents the top 5 funding rounds out of the 64 investments made by Qiming Ventures in 2022. (For a complete report, reach out to us at connect@pharmashots.com with the subject line "Qiming Venture Partners Data")

Shivani Chandra

Shivani is a content writer at PharmaShots. She has a keen interest in recent innovations in the life sciences industry. She covers news related to Product approvals, clinical trial results, and updates. She can be contacted at connect@pharmashots.com.

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