Lupin Collaborated with Enzene Biosciences to Launch Cetuximab in India

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Lupin Collaborated with Enzene Biosciences to Launch Cetuximab in India


  • The companies collaborated to launch Cetuximab, the first biosimilar developed for Cetuximab in India to treat patients with head & neck cancer. Cetuximab is available as a 100mg vial
  • The DCGI has approved cetuximab due to its efficacy in treating head and neck cancer incl. SCCHN. In 2009, Eli Lily and Merck’s Erbitux (cetuximab) have been approved by the US FDA for metastatic colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer
  • Lupin develops & commercializes a wide range of branded and generic formulations, biotechnology products, and APIs in ~100 markets in the US, India, South Africa, and across the Asia Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), EU, and Middle East regions

Ref: Lupin | Image: Lupin

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