Spotlight Interview with Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie, President & CEO at Metabolon

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Spotlight Interview with Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie, President & CEO at Metabolon

PharmaShots had its third interview for the “Spotlight- Company of the Month- Metabolon’’. The interview was with Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie, President & CEO at Metabolon where he shared insights from the journey, products, solutions, technologies, and upcoming plans of Metabolon.
Metabolon develops analytical methods and software for biomarker discovery by using metabolomics. The company delivers the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the collection of metabolites, known as the metabolome, from a single biological sample by providing an instantaneous snapshot of the entire physiology of a living being at a discreet point in time, as well as identifying changes in that system brought about the impact of disease, medical intervention, diet or the environment. Metabolon has conducted more than 10,000 independent and collaborative studies, resulting in 2,000+ publications in leading peer-reviewed journals.

About Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie:

Rohan (Ro) F. Hastie is the President and CEO of Metabolon. He sets the company’s vision to enlighten life and enable a healthier world by harnessing the power of its Precision Metabolomics Platform to reveal biological insights and catalyze breakthroughs in science and medicine. Rohan is a life sciences executive with 20 years of leadership experience. He earned his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Queen Elizabeth Medical School in Birmingham (UK), and a degree in biological sciences from the University of Birmingham (UK).

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