PharmaShots Interview: Medidata’s Kelly McKee Shares Insight on Decentralized Clinical Trial

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PharmaShots Interview: Medidata’s Kelly McKee Shares Insight on Decentralized Clinical Trial

In an interview with PharmaShots, Kelly McKee, Vice President, Patient Registries & Recruitment at Medidata shared her views on the decentralized clinical trial networks through the collaboration with Circuit Clinical



  • Medidata is investing $27M in Circuit Clinical’s series C funding. Circuit Clinical will expand its DCT network to 500 physicians & 15M patients & bring clinical research as a patient care option
  • Circuit Clinical sites will be standardized on Medidata’s RAVE & myMedidata Technology Solutions. The collaboration will combine Circuit Clinical’s capabilities & Medidata’s software solutions to deliver hybrid or fully decentralized trials through Circuit Clinical’s Network Health Systems & patient engagement capabilities
  • Participants in Circuit Clinical’s healthcare systems will join myMedidata clinical trial patient registries that provide awareness, clinical trial opportunities, support & engagement in & out of a trial

Tuba: Discuss in brief about Circuit Clinical and its offerings.

Kelly McKee: Circuit Clinical, one of the largest integrated research organizations in the USA, is dedicated to empowering patients to choose clinical research as a care option. Circuit Clinical is committed to transforming the way physicians and their patients find, choose, and participate in clinical research. They deliver clinical research services and an award-winning patient engagement platform, trialjourney.com.

Tuba: Discuss in detail about your partnership with Circuit Clinical

Kelly McKee: Partnering with Circuit Clinical creates the industry’s only turn-key DCT solution, bringing our customers a comprehensive set of technology solutions and 90+ doctors, 30+ Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) sites, and a nationally accredited cancer center with a database of 2.5 million participants who may qualify for clinical trials. This partnership will deliver a full range of tools to build scalable, flexible solutions at every level of onsite, hybrid, and decentralized trials.

This agreement will bring decentralized trials and Medidata’s Rave and myMedidata Technology Solutions to Circuit Clinical’s network. By training Circuit Clinical’s network on Medidata technologies, sponsors and CROs benefit from faster study start-ups and improved patient recruitment.

With all Circuit Clinical sites standardized on Medidata’s Rave and myMedidata Technology Solutions, the combined company offers a perfect option for customers interested in running broad programs for decentralized studies. This makes Medidata the first company to offer an end-to-end, unified, secure platform for DCTs.

A major benefit of housing a range of capabilities on a common platform is that they can be individually turned “on” or “off” in various combinations using the Trial Dial concept. The Medidata DCT Program provides the highest level of customization of decentralizing solutions based on study protocol design. This allows study sponsors to adjust and choose everything from traditional onsite trials, to fully decentralized models, and every hybrid trial design in between.

Tuba: What are the terms and conditions under this agreement?

Kelly McKee: With Medidata’s strategic investment in Circuit Clinical's $27M Series C funding, Circuit Clinical will expand its Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) network to 500 physician-investigators and 15M patients and help to bring clinical research as a care option to more people in need.

Tuba: Tell us about Medidata’s DCT solutions.

Kelly McKee: The Medidata DCT Program captures participant data remotely from anywhere, at any time. It aggregates, transforms, and monitors the data to identify quality issues and ensure patient safety, and runs powerful analytics to generate new insights leading to better outcomes for patients, researchers, sites, sponsors, and CROs.

Our suite of DCT solutions eliminates the need for additional workflows to help sponsors and CROs expedite timelines, mitigate risk, speed deployment, and reduce burdens. Implementing the right level of decentralization using an end-to-end, unified, and secure platform allows sponsors to improve chances of trial success, increase protocol adherence and safety monitoring, and bring value to patients, sites, and sponsors.

Tuba: How do ‘myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries’ will work in patient engagement?

Kelly McKee: myMedidata is a clinical research portal-for-life. Using any web-enabled device, patients can use myMedidata to find, learn about, enroll, and participate in all clinical trial activities from a single user interface.

myMedidata Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, building a community of educated, empowered, and engaged patients. By providing patients with education and communications pre-trial to learn more about new research opportunities and referrals to study sites, sponsors are able to drastically reduce trial enrollment times and increase patient retention.

Post-trial patient engagement enables long-term follow-up, enhanced safety monitoring, and gathering of new clinical insights, resulting in improved experiences including patient-centered innovations such as patient data return.

Tuba: What are the therapeutic areas on which Medidata and Circuit Clinical are working?

Kelly McKee: Individuals in Circuit Clinicals’ participating healthcare systems will be invited to join myMedidata Clinical Trial Patient Registries, providing improved awareness of and access to clinical trial opportunities with continuous support and engagement in and out of a trial.

Circuit Clinical’s offering spans 10 therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, women’s health, kidney disease, digestive diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, COVID-19, and others. Medidata has supported more than 27,000 clinical trials around the world across 15+ therapeutic areas.

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About Author:

Kelly McKee is the Vice President of Patient Registries & Recruitment at Medidata. She has 20 years of experience in clinical trial operations, patient recruitment, and innovation. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Administration from The George Washington University, BA in Biology from the Bryn Mawr College

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