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AstraZeneca Signs Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Accent for RMP-Targeting

Shots: Accent to receive $55M upfront and $1.1B as co-development option and milestone payment, plus royalties and profit split based on the option to co-develop and co-commercialize RMP-targeting therapies for the treatment of cancer in the US  Accent will be responsible for research and development activities for a nominated preclinical program through to the end […]Read More


AbbVie Signs a Worldwide License Agreement with Jacobio to Advance

Shots: AbbVie to get an exclusive global license to develop and commercialize JAB-3068 and JAB-3312 from Jacobio AbbVie will provide undisclosed R&D cost to Jacobio for conducting early global CTs of JAB-3068 and JAB-3312. In addition, Jacobio has an exclusive option before registration trial initiation to develop and commercialize the SHP2 program in mainland China, […]Read More


Roche Signs an Exclusive Worldwide Option and License Agreement with

Shots: Vividion to receive $135M upfront in cash and is eligible to receive billion dollars preclinical, development and commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of commercialized products resulting from the collaboration Vividion will be responsible for early drug discovery and pre-clinical development for selected programs and has the right to conduct clinical development up […]Read More


Recursion Signs a Worldwide License Agreement with Takeda to Develop

Shots: Recursion to get exclusive WW rights to develop and commercialize TAK-733 for the treatment of a hereditary cancer syndrome and related areas of oncology Recursion will utilize its automated drug discovery platform to discover the potential of TAK-733 by testing 200+ potential molecules from Takeda’s library against cancers carrying mutations TAK-733 is identified as […]Read More

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Moderna Signs a Ten-Year Worldwide Agreement with Lonza to Manufacture

Shots: :stohththShots: The companies intend to establish manufacturing suites at Lonza’s facilities in the US and Switzerland to manufacture mRNA-1273 at both sites. The collaboration will deploy Lonza’s global expertise in technology transfer and manufacturing while the technology transfer expected to begin in Jun’2020 The focus of the collaboration is to enable the manufacturing of […]Read More

Biotech COVID-19

AstraZeneca Signs a Worldwide Development and Distribution Agreement with Oxford

Shots: The collaboration will bring Oxford’s recombinant adenovirus vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 to the patients and will enable AstraZeneca to be responsible for the development and WW manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine The alliance will combine Oxford’s expertise in vaccinology and AstraZeneca’s global development, manufacturing and distribution capabilities to combat the pandemic ChAdOx1 is based […]Read More


Lilly Signs a Worldwide License and Research Agreement with Sitryx

Shots: Sitryx to receive $50M upfront, $10M equity investment, ~820M as development & commercial milestones and royalties on sales of therapies. Lilly to get an exclusive global license to develop and commercialize immunometabolism targeted therapies, including Sitryx’s two lead projects The companies will collaborate for 5yrs. supporting the development of therapies with Sitryx to be […]Read More


Elevar Therapeutics Acquires Worldwide Development and Commercialization Rights for Oasmia’s

Shots: Elevar to receive $20M up front, ~$678M as milestones based on the company’s achievement regarding the product along with royalties on sales of Apealea globally excluding Nordics, Russia, and certain countries in Eastern Europe The agreement allows Elevar the right to sub-license Apealea to other partners in the EU. Elevar will be responsible for […]Read More