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Novartis Signs an Agreement with Dyno to Develop Novel AVV

Shots: Dyno to receive upfront, research funding, license fees, clinical, regulatory & sales milestones and royalties on WW sales. The company will also utilize its AI technology & its suite of machine learning plus experimental tools for the designing and discovery of novel AAV capsids Novartis will be responsible for conducting pre-clinical, clinical trials including […]Read More

Merck Collaborates with Dragonfly to Develop and Commercialize Novel Therapies

Shots: Dragonfly to receive ~ $47.5M up front, equity investment, development & commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of approved therapies Merck to get an option to license exclusive IP rights for multiple candidates developed using Dragonfly’s TriNKET technology platform for new targets in oncology, infectious disease, and immune disorders Dragonfly’s TriNKET technology act […]Read More

MappBio Collaborates with Aridis Pharmaceuticals to Develop Therapies Utilizing APEX

Shots: MappBio collaborates with Aridis Pharmaceuticals to develop mAbs productivity enhanced versions of CHO cell lines utilizing Aridis’s APEX Technology CHO cell lines are developed from Chinese hamster ovary. The CHO cell line are developed by MappBio APEX technology is a mAb discovery platform that enables the screening and single cell cloning of antibody producing […]Read More

Yuhan Pharmaceutical Collaborates with Cyclica to Enhance Drug Development Utilizing

Shots: Cyclica to receive up front and milestones on completion of specific objectives. Yuhan will leverage Cyclica’s AI integrated drug discovery platform, Ligand Design and Ligand Express in two separate R&D programs Yuhan enhance its drug development efforts by utilizing AI integrated drug discovery platform across multiple therapeutic areas to develop novel therapies targeting Yuhan’s […]Read More