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CStone Signs a License Agreement with LegoChem for LCB71 to

Shots: LCB to receive $10 M as upfront, and up to $353.5M as cumulative milestone payments along with royalties on sales of LCB71. CStone get an exclusive global right to lead the development and commercialization of LCB71 outside the Republic of Korea The collaboration adds the first ADC to CStone’s development pipeline, bolstering its precision […]Read More

BMS Signs a Five-Year Agreement with Insitro to Develop Therapies

Shots: Insitro to receive $50M as up front, $20M as near-term operational milestones and is eligible to receive ~$2B+ as discovery, development, regulatory and commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of the therapies BMS will lead the clinical development, regulatory submissions, and commercialization activities. Insitro will apply its insitro Human (ISH) platform, to create […]Read More

Novartis Signs an Option and License Agreement with Molecular Partners

Shots: Molecular Partners to receive $65.8M as up front, including equity, and will receive $164.7M as an option payment for both MP0420 and MP0423 along with royalties on sales of therapies. Novartis to get an option to in-license global rights of MP0420 and MP0423 During the option period, Molecular Partners will conduct a P-I study […]Read More

CStone Signs an Out-Licensing Agreement with EQRx for Sugemalimab and

Shots: CStone to receive $150M up front and $1.15B as milestones for both drugs along with royalties on each drug. EQRx get an exclusive right to lead global development and commercialization excluding Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau CStone retains rights to CS1003 in Greater China, where it will pursue development as a monothx. […]Read More

Novo Nordisk Signs a License Agreement with Chugai for Antibody

Shots: Chugai will receive an upfront, development milestone and royalties if the compound is launch as an approved Ab drug. Additionally, Chugai will receive a fee for technology access Novo Nordisk to get the rights to use several Chugai Ab engineering technologies for their research activities and optional right for the development and marketing of […]Read More

ImmunoGen Signs an Agreement with Huadong to Develop & Commercialize

Shots: ImmunoGen to receive $40M up front, ~$265M as development, regulatory & commercial milestones and is eligible to receive royalties on sales of mirvetuximab in Greater China and will retain all rights to mirvetuximab in the US & ROW The collaboration accelerates the development path for mirvetuximab in Greater China and expands Huadong’s oncology portfolio […]Read More

Henlius Signs a License Agreement with Essex to Co-develop HLX04

Shots: Henlius to receive upfront, regulatory, and commercial milestone payments of ~$43M, eligible to receive $30M for every $1B above the first $600M of the cumulative net sales along with 10% royalties on net sales of the therapy Henlius will be responsible for the pre/ clinical development of HLX04, whereas Essex is responsible for regulatory […]Read More

Roche Signs a License Agreement with Dyno to Develop AVV

Shots: Dyno to receive upfront and is eligible to receive ~$1.8B milestones including development and commercial milestones along with royalties on any product emerges during the collaboration Dyno will be responsible for the design of novel AAV capsids with improved functional properties for gene therapy while Roche and Spark will conduct preclinical, clinical, and commercialization […]Read More

Genentech Collaborates with Imbio to Develop Imaging Diagnostics for Lung

Shots: The agreement leverages Imbio’s technical, regulatory & commercial expertise to build medical imaging AI technology for use in research, clinical trials & clinical practice The focus of the agreement is to develop quantitative imaging diagnostics for lung diseases and to bring unique solutions for pulmonary imaging. The collaboration integrates Imbio’s expertise in imaging biomarkers […]Read More

Exact Sciences and Pfizer Announce Extension and Amendment of their

Shots: Pfizer will continue to provide sales and marketing support and health system support for Cologuard through the end of 2022 and 2021, respectively. Exact Sciences will compensate Pfizer based on the amount of services provided, along with additional fixed and performance-related fees set forth in the agreement Cologuard was approved by US FDA in […]Read More