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Eisai Sign a Research Agreement with Wren Therapeutics to Discover

Shots: The companies entered into an exclusive research agreement for the discovery of novel small molecules targeting α-synuclein for the potential treatment of synucleinopathies including PD and dementia with Lewy bodies The collaboration will use Wren’s network kinetics drug discovery platform along with Eisai’s experience in drug discovery for neurodegenerative disorders, to accelerate the development […]Read More


Daiichi Sankyo Signs a Research Agreement Gustave Roussy for DS-1062

Shots: Gustave Roussy to receive funding and support from Daiichi Sankyo for integrative research program including clinical, translational, and preclinical studies for DS-1062 and patritumab deruxtecan in lung and breast cancer respectively The research program includes two P-II studies evaluating the efficacy, safety, and markers of response and resistance to DS-1062 & patritumab deruxtecan in […]Read More


Takeda Signs an Exclusive License and Research Agreement with Debiopharm

Shots: Takeda will screen & optimize compounds derived from Debiopharm’s Debio 1454M program to identify candidates for further development to treat IBD and other GI disorders Takeda will pursue the development of a novel preclinical narrow spectrum microbiome remodeling program. The candidates will be evaluated for their effectiveness against specific disease-causing microorganisms while preserving the […]Read More


MSD Signs a Two-Year Research Agreement with Almac to Discover

Shots::stosohSthShots: Almac to receive upfront, research funding, development and commercial milestones along with the royalties on sales of products emerging from the collaboration. MSD will be responsible for conducting lead optimization, pre/clinical development and commercialization The collaboration will utilize Almac’s unique Ubi-Plex platform to identify and develop novel inhibitors against specified DUBs and will initially […]Read More

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Sarepta Signs a Research Agreement with the US Department of

Shots: Sarepta and USAMRIID have entered into a CRADA to jointly identify antisense oligonucleotides utilizing Sarepta’s phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomer (PMO) platform with activity against SARS-CoV-2 for the potential treatment of COVID-19 Sarepta will design, synthesize and manufacture multiple peptide-conjugated PMO (PPMO) constructs based on genetic sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 while USAMRIID will assess the constructs on […]Read More


Lilly Signs a Worldwide License and Research Agreement with Sitryx

Shots: Sitryx to receive $50M upfront, $10M equity investment, ~820M as development & commercial milestones and royalties on sales of therapies. Lilly to get an exclusive global license to develop and commercialize immunometabolism targeted therapies, including Sitryx’s two lead projects The companies will collaborate for 5yrs. supporting the development of therapies with Sitryx to be […]Read More


Gemini Therapeutics Signs a Research Agreement with SERI to Identify

Shots: SERI and Gemini will investigate the link b/w genetic & potential biomarkers in patients with PCV. The collaboration leverages Gemini’s experience of precision medicine to develop therapies targeting the genetically defined patients The agreement explores the molecular impact of specific genes linked to PCV which provide information in designing new therapies in future Gemini […]Read More


Kymera Signs a DNA-Encoded Library Based Drug Discovery Research Agreement

Shots: HitGen to receive upfront and milestones from Kymera. The companies collaborated to identify small molecule leads against targets of interest to Kymera HitGen will leverage its platform technology based on DNA-encoded libraries (DEL) to discover compounds, that will be exclusively licensed to Kymera HitGen’s DELs include encoded syntheses for hundreds of millions of novels, […]Read More