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WHO Signs MoU with IGBA for Promoting the Access to

Shots: The memorandum of understanding signed between WHO and International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association to facilitates the approval of generics and biosimilars thus reduces the burden of clinical trials for biosimilars and increases the access to drugs The WHO’s efforts to increase the access to Biosimilar includes List of International Comparators, providing information on […]Read More


Novartis to Collaborate with Glenmark to Promote, Commercialize and Distribute

Shots: Novartis signs an exclusive commercialization agreement with Glenmark to commercialize three respiratory therapies i.e, Seebri, Onbrize and Ultibro for treating COPD in Brazil. Novartis will be responsible for the manufacturing of therapies The focus of the collaboration is to bolster Glenmark’s respiratory franchise and to expand its respiratory portfolio in Brazil. The agreement will […]Read More


Pfizer to co-promote Exact Sciences’ Cologuard

Shots: Pfizer signed a Co-promotion agreement for Exact Sciences Cologuard,first and only FDA-approved non-invasive stool DNA screening test for colorectal cancer(CRC)  Pfizer will co-promote Cologuard with Exact from Q4’18, also share total profits and marketing costs equally, Exact will take care of all manufacturing and laboratory operations for Cologuard Cologuard is a DNA screening test […]Read More