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Clinical Trials

Merck Enters into a Clinical Collaboration with Hookipa to Evaluate

Shots: The companies collaborated to evaluate Hookipa’s HB-200 (arenaviral immunotherapeutic) + Merck’s Keytruda (anti-PD-1 therapy) in a P-II trial for patients with advanced HNSCC, based on an ongoing P-I/II trial of HB-200 for advanced HPV16+ cancers patients HB-201 monothx. showed an ORR (18%), m-PFS (3.45mos.) in heavily pretreated head & neck cancer patients. Preliminary data […]Read More

Clinical Trials

Merck Enters in Third Clinical Trial Collaboration with Adagene to

Shots: The companies collaborated to evaluate ADG106 + Keytruda in dose-escalation and expansion clinical study to treat advanced or metastatic solid tumors & hematological malignancies In preclinical studies, ADG106 showed antitumor activity and was well tolerated as a monothx. and in combination with other immuno-oncology therapies ADG106 is a fully human, ligand-blocking, agonistic anti-CD137 IgG4 […]Read More