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Cancer Genetics Announces Acquisition of NovellusDx to Expand its Oncology

Shots: Cancer Genetics is acquiring NovellusDx by paying equity of ~49% in Cancer Genetics. NovellusDx will also provide $2. 3M bridge loan to Cancer Genetics Cancer Genetics will get hold of NovellusDx’s technology and machine learning capabilities for development of oncology drugs The acquisition will strengthen the focus on oncology precision medicines, and developing targeted […]Read More


NovellusDx collaborates with Primetech as an Exclusive Supplier in Japan

Shots: NovellusDx will provide its functional genomics assay FACT (Functional Annotation for Cancer Treatment) to Primetech, for pre-clinical market with sales, marketing and research/technical support in Japan exclusively FACT has capability to determine trial outcomes in patients, now this system will help in developing anti-cancer drugs and mechanism of action  Japan is the first territory […]Read More