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Skyhawk Therapeutics Expands its Agreement with Merck to Develop Novel

Shots: Skyhawk will deploy its SkySTARTM platform to develop drug candidates targeting autoimmune and metabolic diseases and will receive an up front $600M/target while Merck get an option to exclusively license WW IP rights to candidates, discovered and developed under the agreement If Merck exercises its option, Skyhawk will receive an option fees, milestones and […]Read More

Celgene Signs an Exclusive Worldwide License Agreement with Skyhawk to

Shots: Skyhawk to receive $80M up front, milestones, and royalties on sales. Celgene to get exclusive WW option to license IPR for the number of Skyhawk’s candidates targeting multiple autoimmune disorder, oncology, and immuno-oncology targets. Post option exercising, Celgene will be responsible for further development and commercialization of products In 2018, the companies collaborated to […]Read More

Takeda Signs an Exclusive Multi-Target Research Agreement with Sosei Heptares

Shots: Sosei Heptares to receive $26M up front, R&D funding, $1.2B+ development & commercial milestones and royalties on sales of the licensed products. Takeda to get WW rights to develop & commercialize therapies for each target through specified pharmacological approaches in the collaboration The focus of the agreement is to develop multiple GPCR targets nominated […]Read More