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Moderna Report Results of mRNA-4157 + Keytruda in Interim P-l

Shots: The expansion cohort of P-l study involves assessing of mRNA-4157 + Keytruda (pembrolizumab) vs Keytruda monothx. in 10 patients with HPV (-) HNSCC and 17 patients with MSS-CRC, presented at the SITC 2020. Results: in the HPV(-) HNSCC group, ORR (50% vs 14.6%) with 2 patients achieving CR & 3 patients achieving PR; mPFS […]Read More

Janssen Reports Results of Tremfya (guselkumab) in Interim Analysis of

Shots: The P-II GALAXI 1 study involves assessing of Tremfya vs PBO in patients with mod. to severely active CD with intolerance to conventional therapies. In interim analyses, patients were randomized equally into 5 arms, with Tremfya (200/600/1200 mg (IV) @0, 4 & 8wks. respectively or with ustekinumab, dosed at ~6mg/kg (IV) @0wk. and dosed […]Read More