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Abbott Integrates its CGM Technology with Tandem’s Insulin Delivery System

Shots: The companies collaborated to develop & commercialize integrated diabetes solutions that combine Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre CGM technology with Tandem’s t:slim X2 pump to improve diabetes management In Oct’2019, the two companies collaborated to their technologies for monitoring glucose without fingersticks while the current agreement covers the technical development of device integration and its commercial […]Read More

Abbott Collaborates with Insulet to Integrate Glucose Sensing Technology with

Shots: The collaboration will combine Abbott’s CGM technology with Insulet’s Omnipod Horizon system to provide accurate, easy-to-use, integrated digital health platform to the patients living with diabetes The integrated system is designed to remain in automated insulin delivery mode and is controlled via an app on a user’s smartphone to manually take a dose of […]Read More

Livongo to Integrate Dexcom’s G6 CGM System into its Applied

Shots: Livongo collaborate with Dexcom to offer its member ability to sync data from their G6 CGM system with its applied health signals platform Livongo can aggregate data from Dexcom G6, cross-reference with BP and weight data from its connected devices and advance it to interpret members’ health insights or Health Nudges. The joint members […]Read More

Pfizer Expands its Collaboration with Flatiron Health to Integrate the

Shots: Pfizer will utilize Flatiron’s de-identified, real-world datasets and analytical expertise to inform development strategies for clinical development projects across multiple tumor types and will jointly explore other ways to drive clinical development innovation with real-world data The collaboration focuses on integrating real-world data insights into clinical development across Pfizer’s oncology portfolio and will identify […]Read More