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Sanofi Presents Results of Olipudase Alfa in Two Clinical Studies

Shots: The P-II/III ASCEND trial involves assessing olipudase alfa 3 mg/kg (IV, q2w) vs PBO in 36 adult patients with ASMD type B to evaluate treatment impact on pulmonary function & spleen & liver volume for 52wks. The study demonstrated improvement in lung function (22% vs 3%), reduction in spleen volume (39.5% vs 0.5%), reduction […]Read More

Sanofi Reports Results of Dupixent (dupilumab) in P-III LIBERTY ASTHMA

Shots: The P-III LIBERTY ASTHMA VOYAGE study involves assessing of Dupixent (SC, 100/200mg, q2w ) + SOC maintenance therapy of medium-dose ICS with a second controller medication/ high-dose ICS with/out second controller medication vs PBO in 408 children 6 to <12 years old with uncontrolled moderate-severe asthma Results: Patients with baseline blood EOS ≥300 cells/μl […]Read More