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Pfizer Reports Improved Results of P-III OA (A4091056) Study of

Shots: The P-III OA (A4091056) study involves evaluation of Tanezumab (2.5, 2.5/5 mg SC) vs PBO in 698 patients in ratio (1:1:1) with OA of the knee or hip for 16wks. P-III OA (A4091056) study results: WOMAC Pain (-3.2, -3.4 vs -2.6); Reduction from baseline ≥30/50/70/90% (68.0% ,54.5% ,34.6%, 14.7%: 70.4%, 57.1%, 36.5%, 14.2% vs […]Read More

UCB Reports Improved Results of Extended P-IIb BE ACTIVE study

Shots: The P-IIb study involves assessing of bimekizumab (160/320 mg@ 48 wks./16mg @12wks., q4w SC IV) vs PBO in 206 patients in ratio (1:1) with PsA P-IIb BE ACTIVE study results: @12wks. ACR20/50/70/ (20%, 50% vs 7%,70%): PASI90/95 (90%,75%); @ 48wks. ACR20/50/70 (160, loading dose 160, 320): (70%, 73%, 76%; 55%, 57%, 63%; 43%, 46%, […]Read More

Alcon (Novartis Division) Plans to Develop SMART Suite Equipment for

Shots: The SMART Suite will be developed on Philips HealthSuite digital platform, providing services and technical tools to facilitate secure, open data exchange between facilities, clinicians and patients SMART Suite will be market-leading cataract refractive equipment connecting multiple diagnostic and surgical devices, providing easy access to patients’ data with simplified clinical process, consistency, greater efficiency […]Read More