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ATAI Launches IntroSpect Digital Therapeutics to Foster Mental Health Care

Shots: ATAI launches digital therapeutic platform IntroSpect Digital Therapeutics to transform mental health care and support companies working on new treatments for depression, anxiety, and addiction ATAI’s DTx initiative will integrate digital tools with concurrent clinical research into certain compounds on the company’s platform to magnify therapeutic impact, focusing on delivering personalized and scalable treatment […]Read More

COVID-19 DigiHealth

PRA Collaborates with Microsoft to Foster COVID-19 Monitoring

Shots: The collaboration allows Microsoft to integrate its Healthcare Bot service with PRA’s digital platform, providing users who enroll in the COVID-19 monitoring program the ability to use an AI-based chatbot, which responds to COVID-19-related questions, to enhance their own COVID-19 care The integration allows organizations that have implemented PRA’s COVID-19 monitoring program to understand […]Read More


Bayer and MassBio to Launch Joint Mentoring Program to Foster

Shots: The launch of Bayer-MassCONNECT Asia will support the startup community in Asia with a special focus on China. The collaboration of two companies will integrate MassBio’s mentoring expertise with Bayer’s strong presence in Asia Bayer-MassCONNECT Asia is a part of MassBio’s MassCONNECT program which is a mentoring program targeting life sciences. MassCONNECT matches entrepreneurs […]Read More