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Regeneron Reports the US FDA’s Acceptance of Priority Review for

Shots: The BLA is supported by PALM clinical study conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Aug’2019, the trial was stopped early when preliminary results demonstrated that REGN-EB showed superiority over ZMapp REGN-EB3 demonstrated superior efficacy as compared to ZMapp across multiple measures, including reduced mortality and fewer days until the Ebola virus was […]Read More


GSK and Sabin Signs an Exclusive Agreement to Advance the

Shots: Sabin to get an exclusive technology license for all three vaccine candidates i.e, Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan and Marburg vaccines and patent rights related to vaccines In 2013, GSK acquired three vaccines from the US NIH & Okairos. The candidates are based on GSK’s ChAd3 platform and were developed by GSK including P-II development […]Read More


Congo Approves Experimental Ebola Treatments by Gilead, Mapp, Toyama Chemical

Shots: Congo approves experimental Ebola treatments including Remdesivir by Gilead Sciences; ZMapp by Mapp Pharmaceutical; Favipiravir by Toyama and Regn3450, Regn3471, Regn3479 by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Health authorities has approved these experimental treatments, as the Ebola epidemic continues to spread   Total number of death are 59 and confirmed cases to 75 since last month, with […]Read More