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Boehringer Ingelheim Collaborates with BiomX to Discover Microbiome-Based Biomarkers for

Shots: BiomX will generate metagenomic data of gut microbiome samples obtained from IBD patients with the focus of identifying biomarkers using the XMarker platform Boehringer Ingelheim gets an option to negotiate an exclusive right to biomarkers discovered under the collaboration. The XMarker platform supports the phage therapy for IBD, BX002, via analysis of real-world metagenomic […]Read More

Evotec Collaborates with Quantro Therapeutics to Discover and Develop Novel

Shots: The two companies collaborated to discover and develop novel therapeutics interfering with the disease-causing transcriptional programs in cancer and other diseases. Quantro intends to revamp the scope of pharmacologic interventions in a variety of cellular, target and disease contexts Quantro will exploit its functional-genetic and transcriptomic technologies addressing the undruggable targets while Evotec will […]Read More

Roche Collaborates with Jnana Therapeutics to Discover Novel Therapies to

Shots: Jnana to receive $40M upfront payment in cash and is eligible to get ~$1B as research funding, preclinical, development, and commercialization milestone along with royalties on sales of the therapies The partners will work on the discovery and preclinical development of therapies targeting key regulators of cellular metabolism to treat across immunology and neuroscience […]Read More

MSD Signs a Two-Year Research Agreement with Almac to Discover

Shots::stosohSthShots: Almac to receive upfront, research funding, development and commercial milestones along with the royalties on sales of products emerging from the collaboration. MSD will be responsible for conducting lead optimization, pre/clinical development and commercialization The collaboration will utilize Almac’s unique Ubi-Plex platform to identify and develop novel inhibitors against specified DUBs and will initially […]Read More

Gilead and Kite Sign a Three Years Agreement with oNKo-innate

Shots: oNKo-innate to receive an up front, clinical, regulatory & commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of immuno-oncology and cell therapy programs while in exchange, the company will utilize its genome-wide screening techniques and technology platform to discover novel immune cell targets enhancing NK cell anti-tumor immunity and to create NK cell therapies oNKo-innate […]Read More

Genentech Signs an Agreement with Nimble to Discover and Develop

Shots: Nimble to receive up front, milestones & royalties on sales of the therapies developed under the collaboration. The collaboration will accelerate the discovery of novel therapies targeting multiple diseases The agreement will utilize Nimble’s peptide synthesis, screening & optimization platform, chemical diversity, and integrated suite of assays enabling the discovery & optimization of compounds […]Read More

Novartis Signs Worldwide License Agreement with Forendo Pharma to Discover

Shots: Forendo to receive up front, equity investment, development, regulatory and commercial milestones with royalties on sales. Novartis to fund the research activities and will be responsible for development, manufacturing & commercialization of novel therapies Forendo has its expertise in an enzyme family called HSD17B (17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase) responsible for regulating hormone action with its lead […]Read More

Novo Nordisk Collaborates with Dicerna to Discover and Develop RNAi

Shots: Dicerna to receive $175M up front, $50M equity investment, $75M for first three years of collaboration and up to $375.5M/ target as development, regulatory and commercialization milestones with royalties on product sales Both the companies will retain rights to co-develop and co-commercialize candidates and will explore up to 30 liver cell targets for which […]Read More

Allergan Signs an Exclusive Option and License Agreement with Exicure

Shots: Exicure to receive $25M upfront, up to $97.5/program development & regulatory milestones, ~$265/program commercial milestones, royalties on global sales of therapies developed under the collaboration and will conduct discovery and development in two programs for hair loss disorders like androgenetic alopecia Allergan to get exclusive access and options to license SNA-based therapies developed under […]Read More