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Alvotech Reports the US FDA and EMA’s Acceptance of AVT02

Shots: The US FDA has accepted the BLA of AVT02 for review and is expected to decide on the filing in Sept’2021 while the EMA has accepted for review an MAA for AVT02 with an EMA decision anticipated in the Q4’21 The filings were based on AVT02-GL-101 & AVT02-GL-301 studies demonstrating a high degree of […]Read More

Alvotech and DKSH Extend their Collaboration to Commercialize Six Biosimilars

Shot:   The companies expand their strategic partnership to commercialize six new biosimilar product candidates for the Asian markets In Mar’2020, the companies collaborated for AVT02 (biosimilar, adalimumab). The collaboration targets Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan The expansion deepens the partnership b/w the two companies […]Read More

Alvotech Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with DKSH for AVT02

Shots: Alvotech will be responsible for the development and supply of AVT02 in selected APAC market, while DKSH will be responsible for the registration and commercialization of the therapy The alliance allows the Alvotech to gain access to DKHS’s commercial expertise, which will aid patients to get benefited with high-quality biosimilar therapies AVT02 is a […]Read More

Cipla Gulf Signs an Exclusive Commercialization Agreement with Alvotech for

Shots: Alvotech will take care of development and supply of the product while Cipla Gulf, subsidiary of Cipla will be responsible for Alvotech’s AVT02 registration and commercialization The agreement will allow Alvotech to have access for Cipla’s strong commercial network in selected emerging markets enabling patients with high-quality biosimilars Alvotech’s AVT02 is a mAb and […]Read More