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Sun Pharma’s SPARC Signs a Research Collaboration with HitGen to

Shots: HitGen to receive upfront & milestones and will utilize its DNA-encoded library design technology to develop therapies for Sun Pharma’s SPARC targets The focus of the collaboration is to combine the SPARC’s research expertise with HitGen’s DELs based screening technology to develop therapies for serious medical conditions  HitGen’s DELs is a platform for small […]Read More

Roche Global Launch NGS AVENIO Tumor Tissue Analysis Kits

Shots: Roche has launched three NGS AVENIO (next-generation sequencing) Tumor Tissue Analysis Kits as AVENIO Tumor Tissue Targeted Kit, Expanded Kit and Surveillance Kit for detecting all four mutation classes in solid tumors AVENIO Tumor Tissue Analysis Kits: Targeted kit is a 17-gene comprehensive genomic profiling assay for identifying guideline-related biomarkers; Expanded Kit is a […]Read More

Celltrion and Teva Announces Approval Recommendations for CT-P10’s (rituximab, biosimilar)

Shots: FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) voted 16-0 in favor of CT-P10 and recommended it on the basis of analytical biosimilarity, nonclinical & clinical pharmacology, immunogenicity, efficacy and safety data with no difference in safety, purity, and potency b/w CT-P10 and Rituxan Teva to acquire commercialization rights for CT-P10 post-FDA approval in three indications […]Read More