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Sanofi and Translate Bio to Advance MRT5500 into Clinical Study

Shots: The companies reported the preclinical results of MRT5500 demonstrating the potential of the vaccine in neutralizing the Abs against SARS-CoV-2. The two doses of MRT5500 induced neutralizing antibody levels significantly higher than those observed in COVID-19 patients The preclinical data support the advancement of MRT5500 for clinical development. The companies anticipate the initiation of […]Read More

AstraZeneca Collaborates with Eko to Advance the Digital Health Tools

Shots: The two companies collaborated to facilitate the development of digital health tools for the earlier screening of cardiovascular diseases, including HF AstraZeneca and Eko will accelerate the development of Eko algorithms, enhancing clinical trials with Eko technology, and potentially building new HF detection solutions. The agreement allows the companies to harness the potential to […]Read More

Regeneron Collaborates with BioNTech to Advance the Combination of FixVac

Shots: The two companies collaborated to jointly conduct P-II study combining BNT111 FixVac and Libtayo in patients with anti-PD1-refractory/relapsed, unresectable Stage III or IV cutaneous melanoma with the expected initiation of the study in Q4’20 The companies will equally share the development costs for the clinical trial and will contribute their products for the trial. […]Read More

Baxter and Ayogo Expand their Partnership to Advance Digital Health

Shots: The companies expanded the collaboration to support the needs of patients with kidney disease via digital health solutions. The agreement integrates Ayogo’s LifePlan digital platform with Baxter’s expertise in renal care to develop mobile apps and digital solutions that bring personalized and timely support to patients with kidney failure Baxter made an equity investment […]Read More

Sanofi Signs an Agreement with Kymera to Advance Novel Protein

Shots: Kymera to receive $150M up front, $2B as development, regulatory and commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of therapies. Additionally, the company has an option to develop and commercialize the two programs in the US while retaining global rights to its IRAK4 program in oncology indications. Sanofi will get a global right to […]Read More

Roche and Reverie Labs Collaborate to Advance Kinase Drug Discovery

Shots: Reverie Labs to receive up front and is eligible to receive pre/clinical, regulatory milestones, as well as royalties on Roche’s sales of drug candidates, emerges from the collaboration Reverie Labs will deploy its technology platform to perform virtual screening, hit-to-lead generation, and lead optimization on kinase inhibitor discovery programs, alongside scientists at Roche and […]Read More

AstraZeneca Plans to Advance the Combination of Neutralizing Antibody for

Shots: AstraZeneca has licensed Vanderbilt University’s coronavirus-neutralizing Abs & plans to advance a pair of these mAbs into clinical development as a combination therapy for COVID-19. The agreement follows AstraZeneca and Vanderbilt collaboration in Apr’20 AstraZeneca has evaluated the ability of 1,500+ mAbs to bind to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and inhibit its capacity to infect […]Read More

Revance and Mylan to Advance Development Program for a Proposed

Shots: The two companies will advance the development program of a proposed biosimilar to BOTOX and BOTOX Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA), under 351(k) pathways. The US FDA’s feedback during BIAM indicated that the 351(k) regulatory pathways for an onabotulinumtoxinA product is viable Following the advancement of the program, Revance will receive $30M as milestones and is eligible […]Read More

AbbVie Signs a Worldwide License Agreement with Jacobio to Advance

Shots: AbbVie to get an exclusive global license to develop and commercialize JAB-3068 and JAB-3312 from Jacobio AbbVie will provide undisclosed R&D cost to Jacobio for conducting early global CTs of JAB-3068 and JAB-3312. In addition, Jacobio has an exclusive option before registration trial initiation to develop and commercialize the SHP2 program in mainland China, […]Read More

Roche Acquires Stratos Genomics to Advance the Development of Nanopore

Shots: Roche has acquired Stratos Genomics to facilitate the development of its nanopore sequencer to provide the healthcare community and ultimately patients with faster and cheaper clinical diagnostic testing The acquisition provides Roche access to Stratos Genomics unique chemistry, Sequencing by Expansion (SBX). The addition of the SBX chemistry is expected to provide the HCPs […]Read More