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Qiagen to Launch Viral RNA Epidemiology Test for COVID-19 and

Shots: Qiagen to launch the QIAprep&amp Viral RNA UM Kit, designed to simplify and accelerate PCR swab analysis and remove key testing bottlenecks for Covid-19 and other RNA viruses The kit combines a liquid-based sample preparation step completed in the only 2min. with real-time PCR detection in a streamlined workflow that can be automated with […]Read More

Novavax Accelerates the Initiation of Clinical Study for NVX-CoV2373 to

Shots: Novavax has identified a coronavirus vaccine candidate, NVX-CoV2373 utilizing its nanoparticle technology and will initiate a first-in-human trial in mid-May with its anticipated immunogenicity and safety results in July. Novavax will integrate its Matrix-M adjuvant with NVX-CoV2373 to improve the immune response stimulates high levels of neutralizing Ab The company plans to combine P-I/II […]Read More

Celltrion to Launch Rapid Self-Testing Kit and Accelerates the Development

Shots: Celltrion completes its first step of developing an antiviral treatment against COVID-19 and aims to launch a rapid self-testing diagnostic kit, that has the potential of providing results within 15-20min Celltrion is expected to initiate clinical studies in Q3’20. Additionally, Celltrion plans to develop a ‘super Ab’ that may have the potential to attach […]Read More