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Insights+ COVID-19 Deals (Part I): Biopharma Drug Development

The recent emergence of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred global healthcare and life sciences companies, as well as government agencies, to partner at an unprecedented speed to develop vaccines, treatments, and tests.  This article covers last four months of deal data provided by Chris Dokomajilar of DealForma. During the last four months […]Read More

Top 20 Biopharma Acquisitions of 2018 Based on the Total

Biopharma acquisition activity in 2018 shows a significant increase over the previous year. Takeda proved to be on top with the acquisition of Shire among the top 20 acquisitions with a total deal value of $57.17B strengthening its capabilities in gastroenterology, neuroscience, oncology, rare diseases, and plasma-derived therapies. This article is based on the 2018 […]Read More

Top 20 Diagnostics Companies Based On 2018 Revenue

With the era of growing diseases, Diagnostics have played a vital role in diagnosing multiple diseases and disorders. The healthcare system is changing, with a greater focus on value, reducing errors and giving more cost-effective care and treatments. The Diagnostic ledger has not changed much in comparison to 2017. Roche Diagnostics holds to be at […]Read More

Grifols’ Xembify (20% SC Immunoglobulin) Receives FDA’s Approval for the

Shots: The approval of Xembify reflects Grifols’ commitment to R+D+i and innovation which enables the company to develop new therapies and enhances its Bioscience Division’s product portfolio Grifol is working with regulatory authorities to seek approval in Canada, Europe and other global markets and plans to launch the Xembify in the US in Q4’19 Xembify is […]Read More

Top 20 Medical Device Companies Based on 2018 Revenue

The Medical device market is growing with greater needs of patients and with their emerging diseases. 2018 has shown major advancement in medical device needs and upgrades with 55 novel drug approvals. The year 2018 has shown a slight change in the ledger of top 20 firms while Medtronic holds its first position with a […]Read More