NovellusDx and PrimeTech Sign Agreement with Japan Agency

PrimeTech Co., Ltd. (President: Ryosuke Ogihara, headquarters: Koishikawa Bunkyo, Tokyo, President): Novellus Dx, Ltd. (CEO: Haim Gil-Ad, headquarters: Jerusalem Bio-Park, Hadassah medical center, Ein-Kerem Campus, Israel) 1-3-25) announced on February 3, 2018 in Japan (Tokyo), Israel (Jordan), PrimeTech is a functional genomics assay from Novellus Dx [FACT: Functional Annotation for Cancer Treatment)] will be sold, marketing, research support and technical support as the aggregate agent in Japan in the preclinical market.
NovellusDx CEO Haim Gil-Ad said, “I am delighted that PrimeTech, a reliable and sincere company, will act as an agent.Japan is the first area we have an agency.The oncology market in Japan is the most important I am convinced that it will be. ”
Ryosuke Ogiwara, Representative Director of PrimeTech said, “Precision Medicine has transformed the oncology of the world, optimizing the target treatment strategy based on changes in tumor molecular level is more effective than standard treatment based on tumor localization It is revolutionary to be able to measure certain mutations and their responsiveness to drugs, “he said.
Keiichi Terama, director of marketing, said, “We are excited to be able to provide Novellus DX’s functional oncology assay to pharmaceutical companies and laboratory clients.”
Novellus Dx CCO Michael Vidne, “The FACT system has a great ability to predict patient clinical outcomes in complex real setups, bringing this system to clients developing anti-cancer drugs and mechanisms of action Today, genomic sequencing is constantly increasing its role in cancer therapy, but the functional significance of most of the mutations found in patient DNA is not known and as a result drug action It is also unknown Japan is a large and advanced market with the highest level of research institutions and pharmaceutical companies working and it is an honor for us that we can help in such markets. ” I will.
PrimeTech PrimeTech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company / agency of advanced science life science research equipment operating in Japan for more than 30 years. With a technically superior staff and deep knowledge of the Japanese market, we will help you to enter the Japanese market. PrimeTech’s mission is to create true value for customers studying challenging tasks in the advanced life science world. PrimTech will provide better solutions to meet customer needs and contribute to social advancement and improvement through best technology and customer support.
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About NovellusDx
The mission of Novellus DX is to provide functional information on mutations and responses to these drugs so that oncologists treat precise treatment to patients and pharmaceutical companies can more effectively develop therapeutic drugs is. Novellus DX’s approach is to monitor the functional consequences of mutations and to observe the effects of drugs, complex drugs, candidate drugs on the activation of pathways caused by mutations. Headquarters and R & D operations will be based in Israel Jordan.
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 Inquiries about this matter:
Prime Tech Co., Ltd. Marketing
Director Teramoto Keiichi (e-mail: )
Phone: 03-3816-0851

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