Month: April 2020


MSD Signs a Two-Year Research Agreement with Almac to Discover

Shots::stosohSthShots: Almac to receive upfront, research funding, development and commercial milestones along with the royalties on sales of products emerging from the collaboration. MSD will be responsible for conducting lead optimization, pre/clinical development and commercialization The collaboration will utilize Almac’s unique Ubi-Plex platform to identify and develop novel inhibitors against specified DUBs and will initially […]Read More

COVID-19 Pharma

Bergenbio’s Bemcentinib Selected to be Fast-Tracked Under UK’s ACCORD Program

Shots: Bemcentinib has been selected as the first potential treatment to be fast-tracked under UK’s P-II ACCORD program that rapidly evaluates bemcentinib’s effectiveness in hospitalized UK NHS patients with COVID-19 The study will commence testing of bemcentinib vs SOC in 120 patients across 6 UK NHS hospital trusts with its anticipated results within few months. […]Read More

Biotech COVID-19

AstraZeneca Signs a Worldwide Development and Distribution Agreement with Oxford

Shots: The collaboration will bring Oxford’s recombinant adenovirus vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 to the patients and will enable AstraZeneca to be responsible for the development and WW manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine The alliance will combine Oxford’s expertise in vaccinology and AstraZeneca’s global development, manufacturing and distribution capabilities to combat the pandemic ChAdOx1 is based […]Read More


Sanofi’s Insulin Aspart Biosimilar Receives CHMP’s Positive Recommendation for Approval

Shots: The CHMP’s positive recommendation is based on the clinical development program that comprises P-I PK/PD study that evaluates product’s similarity in exposure and activity1 and P-III Gemelli 12 study to evaluate the safety & efficacy The clinical program involves 600+ patients with T1D or T2D. Both the studies compared the biosimilar to insulin aspart […]Read More

COVID-19 Pharma

Johnson & Johnson Signs a Manufacturing Agreement with the Catalent

Shots: The alliance includes joint investment and tech transfer to accelerate rapid scale-up of segregated manufacturing capacity over the coming months for supporting J&J’s vaccine candidates Catalent will accelerate the availability of manufacturing capacity and prepare for large-scale commercial manufacturing at its facility in Bloomington and plans to hire ~300 additional employees for the program […]Read More