Month: <span>August 2019</span>

GSK and Sabin Signs an Exclusive Agreement to Advance the

Shots: Sabin to get an exclusive technology license for all three vaccine candidates i.e, Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan and Marburg vaccines and patent rights related to vaccines In 2013, GSK acquired three vaccines from the US NIH & Okairos. The candidates are based on GSK’s ChAd3 platform and were developed by GSK including P-II development […]Read More

Innovent and Shenogen Enter into a Collaboration to Evaluate the

Shots: The companies enter into an agreement to evaluate the combination of Innovent’s Tyvyt with Shenogen’s SNG1005 for the patients with advanced cancer  Shenogen has in-licensed SNG1005 and has exclusive rights to develop & commercialize it in Greater China. SNG1005 has completed multiple P-II trials in the US with an approved NMPA’s IND application of […]Read More

MannKind Enter into an Agreement with One Drop to Combine

Shots: MannKind and One Drop collaborate to integrate MannKind’s BluHale, a Bluetooth connected accessory attached to Afrezza inhaler in to the One drop platform. In H1’19, One drop announced clinical study results assessing Afrezza with One Drop, which demonstrated improvement in A1C levels The focus of the agreement is to provide seamless experience for patients […]Read More

LifeOmic Launches AI-Based LIFE Extend App to Expand Healthcare and

Shots: The new precision health app, LIFE Extend guides users to adopt five pillars of health which include physical activity, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and intermittent fasting, enabling the in leading longer & healthier lives LIFE Extend gamifies the five pillars allowing the user to earn LIFE Points by tracking their healthy behaviors with an option […]Read More

NUST MISIS Laboratory Develops an Ultrasound Tomography System for the

Shots: NUST MISIS has developed a system for real-time optical-acoustic and laser ultrasound tomography to detect cancer tumors with high sensitivity and for visual nonlinear visualization of a patient’s blood vessel during operations The development of ultrasound tomography system overcomes the problem of low contrast and low-resolution images of biological tissues & organs obtained with […]Read More

Pfizer Reports Results of Rivipansel in P-III RESET Study for

Shots: The P-III RESET study involves assessing of Rivipansel (IV) vs PBO in 345 patients in a ratio (1:1) with SCD who were hospitalized for a VOC and required treatment with IV opioids aged ≥ 6yrs. The P-III RESET (B5201002) study results demonstrated that it did not meet its 1EPs of time to readiness-for-discharge and […]Read More