Dr. Anish Desai (Guest Author)

Dr. Anish Desai is a trained Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaceutical Physician with 3 decades of experience in Academia, Research, and the Healthcare industry with proven leadership skills, strong business acumen. He has a deep understanding of the Healthcare System, including the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Medical device industry. Holding Senior Management Position for the last 20 years and involved in strategic decision making. ‘IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions’ is a Healthcare startup launched by him with an intent to focus on strategic medical affairs for business growth, thereby infusing science into business.


ViewPoints Article: Adjunctive Nutraceutical Therapies Supporting Immunity in COVID-19

Nutraceuticals such as active phytochemicals, functional foods, and dietary supplements have medicinal properties and a variety of health benefits. The Indian subcontinent has been renowned for a home to various medicinal plant species because of climate conditions. These medicinal plant species have a novel role in managing multiple illnesses, including viral respiratory diseases, through immune […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: Role of Digital Technology in Improving Diagnosis

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used efficiently by many researchers and companies to overcome challenges for improving medical diagnostics. Insights on Diagnostic Errors Diagnostic related errors contribute to a significant number of complications and patient deaths. According to the authors of an article published in BMJ, in the US, diagnostic error claims […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: Digital Biomarkers

The Healthcare industry is going through a technological revolution and it is vital for the industry to work on new technologies that will help to generate, collect & track novel data. The availability of large data makes the system becomes important to convert it into appropriate information which will helps industry researchers, clinicians, doctors, entrepreneurs, […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: Digital Healthcare in India – Current Trends &

Digital healthcare means using communications and information technologies in medicine to diagnose, predict, treat, and monitor diseases. It is also widely used for prognosis, rehabilitation, behavioral health, and public health.  Indians have witnessed a surge of smartphone and internet use since the last decade. This had led to an easier delivery of smart digital solutions. […]Read More


ViewPoints Article: COVID-19 Treatment in India and Abroad

In late 2019, a mysterious virus causing infection consisting of dry cough, fever tiredness, and last pneumonia first appeared in Wuhan, China. The world health organization (WHO) named the disease as Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19). Interestingly, Covid-19 and flu (caused by influenza virus) share the common disease progression asymptomatic (no symptoms), mild symptoms fever or chills, […]Read More