Gilead to Acquire Tizona’s Stakes for $300M

 Gilead to Acquire Tizona’s Stakes for $300M


  • Gilead invests $300M to obtain 49.9% equity interest in Tizona and receives an exclusive option to acquire remaining stakes of Tizona for up to an additional $1.25B that includes an option exercise fee and milestones. The transaction is expected to be closed in Q3’20
  • Gilead can exercise its option following the results of a P-Ib study of Tizona’s TTX-080, or earlier if it chooses and provides funding to support Tizona’s ongoing research and development to advance its novel pipeline
  • Additionally, Tizona will spin-off TTX-03 into a separate entity prior to the closing of this transaction, as a part of its collaboration with AbbVie under which Tizona has received $105M as upfront & an undisclosed equity investment

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