Kronos Bio to Acquire Gilead’s SYK Inhibitor Portfolio

 Kronos Bio to Acquire Gilead’s SYK Inhibitor Portfolio


  • Gilead to receive an up front in cash and convertible notes into Kronos equity, regulatory & commercial milestones along with royalties on sales of products emerges from the acquired programs
  • Kronos to acquire the two clinical-phase assets along with the rest of Gilead’s portfolio of SYK inhibitors. The portfolio includes entospletinib, being evaluated in P-I & II study in oncology patients, and lanraplenib that has been evaluated in P-II trials for autoimmune diseases
  • Kronos plans to initially focus on a biomarker-defined subset of AML patients. The focus indicates that SYK inhibition showed promising clinical activity in AML patients with cancers that overexpress the HOXA9 and MEIS1 transcription factors. Additionally, Entospletinib demonstrated positive clinical data in its early studies

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