PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (Jun 15-19, 2020)

 1.  Ultragenyx and Kyowa Kirin’s Crysvita (burosumab) Receive the US FDA’s Approval for the Treatment of Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia 

Published: Jun 19, 2020 | Tags: Ultragenyx, Kyowa Kirin, Crysvita, burosumab, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Treatment, Tumor-Induced Osteomalacia

2.  Pfizer and Sangamo’s Giroctocogene Fitelparvovec (SB-525) Demonstrate Positive Effect in P-I/II Alta Study for Hemophilia A

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags: Pfizer, Sangamo, SB-525, Demonstrate, Positive Effect, P-I/II Alta, Study, Hemophilia A

 3. Innovent Receives the NMPA’s Approval for Byvasda (biosimilar, bevacizumab) to Treat Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Metastatic Colorectal Cancer in China

Published: Jun 19, 2020 | Tags: Innovent, Receives, NMPA, Approval, Byvasda, biosimilar, bevacizumab, Treat, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, China

4.  RedHill Expands its P-II/III Study Evaluating Yeliva (opaganib) Against COVID-19 in Italy and UK

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags: RedHill, Expands, P-II/III, Study, Evaluating, Yeliva, opaganib, Against, COVID-19, Italy, UK

5. Roche and Cipla Expand Their 2018 Agreement to Improve Access of Oncology Therapies in India

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags: Roche, Cipla, Expand, Their, 2018 Agreement, Improve, Access, Oncology Therapies, India

6.  AbbVie Signs an Exclusive Worldwide Option and License Agreement with Alpine to Develop and Commercialize ALPN-101

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags: AbbVie, Signs, Exclusive, Worldwide, Option, License Agreement, Alpine, Develop, Commercialize ALPN-101

7.  PRA Collaborates with Microsoft to Foster COVID-19 Monitoring

Published: Jun 12, 2020 | Tags: PRA, Collaborates, Microsoft, Foster, COVID-19, Monitoring

8.  Merck’s Keytruda (pembrolizumab) Receives the US FDA’s Approval as Monotherapy for Patients with Unresectable or Metastatic Tumor Mutational Burden-High Solid Tumors

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Merck, Keytruda, pembrolizumab, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Monotherapy, Patients, Unresectable, Metastatic, Tumor, Mutational, Burden-High Solid Tumors

9. AstraZeneca Collaborates with Gendius to Provide Diabetes Management Support for Patients in the GCC

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Collaborates, Gendius, Provide, Diabetes Management Support, Patients, GCC

10.  Samsung Launches a Blood Pressure Monitoring App in South Korea

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags:  Samsung, Launches, Blood Pressure, Monitoring App, South Korea

11.  Roche Reports Results of Tecentriq + CT in P-III IMpassion031 Study for Patients with Early Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Published: Jun 18, 2020 | Tags: Roche, Reports, Results, Tecentriq + CT, P-III, IMpassion031, Study, Patients, Early Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

12.  Gilead to Initiate P-II/III Study Evaluating Remdesivir in Pediatric Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Gilead, Initiate, P-II/III, Study, Evaluating, Remdesivir, Pediatric Patients, Hospitalized, COVID-19

13.  AstraZeneca Signs an Agreement with Cobra Biologics for Vaccines Against COVID-19

Published: Jun 16, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Signs, Agreement, Cobra Biologics, Vaccines, Against, COVID-19

14.   Novartis’ Cosentyx (secukinumab) Receives the US FDA’s Approval for Active Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Novartis, Cosentyx, secukinumab, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Active, Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis

15.   Merck and Pfizer Report Results of Steglatro (ertugliflozin) in P-III VERTIS CV Study for Type 2 Diabetes and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Merck, Pfizer, Report, Results, Steglatro, ertugliflozin, P-III, VERTIS CV, Study, Type 2 Diabetes, Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease

16.   Takeda Signs an Exclusive License and Research Agreement with Debiopharm to Develop Novel Microbiome Therapeutics for the Gastrointestinal Disorders

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Signs, Exclusive, License, Research Agreement, Debiopharm, Develop, Novel Microbiome Therapies, Gastrointestinal Disorders

17. Sanofi Report Results of Avalglucosidase alfa in P-III COMET Study for Late Onset Pompe Disease

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Sanofi, Reports, Results, Avalglucosidase alfa, P-III, COMET Study, Late Onset Pompe Disease

18.  GSK Signs a Synthetic Lethality Cancer Agreement with Ideaya for ~$170M

Published: Jun 16, 2020 | Tags: GSK, Signs, Synthetic Lethality Cancer, Agreement, Ideaya, $170M

19.  Takeda and Neurocrine Collaborate for Seven Neuro Programs Worth Up to $2B

Published: Jun 17, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Neurocrine, Collaborate, Seven, Neuro Programs, Worth Up to, $2B

20.   Sun Pharma Signs a License Agreement with Hikma for Ilumya (tildrakizumab) in MENA Regions

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags: Sun Pharma, Signs, License Agreement, Hikma, Ilumya, tildrakizumab, MENA Regions

21. Celltrion Report Results of Truxima (biosimilar, rituximab) Based Regimen in P-II Study for R/R Aggressive B-cell Lymphoma #EHA25

Published: Jun 16, 2020 | Tags: Celltrion, Report, Results, Truxima, biosimilar, rituximab, Based, Regimen, P-II, Study, R/R, Aggressive, B-cell Lymphoma, #EHA25

22.  Bayer and MassBio to Launch Joint Mentoring Program to Foster Startups in Asia

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags: Bayer, MassBio, Launch, Joint Mentoring Program, Foster, Startups, Asia

23.  Celltrion Anticipates the Launch of its POCT Kit for COVID-19 in July 2020

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags: Celltrion, Anticipates, Launch, POCT Kit, COVID-19, July, 2020

24.  Akili’s EndeavorRx Receives the US FDA’s Approval as the First Game-Based Digital Therapeutic to Improve Attention Function in Children with ADHD

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags:  Akili, EndeavorRx, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, First, Game-Based, Digital Therapeutic, Improve, Attention, Function, Children, ADHD

25.  AstraZeneca Signs an Agreement with Catalent to Manufacture AZD1222 for COVID-19

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Signs, Agreement, Catalent, Manufacture, AZD1222, COVID-19

26.  Foundation Medicine Acquires Lexent to Expand its Liquid Biopsy Platforms

Published: Jun 14, 2020 | Tags: Foundation Medicine, Acquires, Lexent, Expand, Liquid Biopsy Platforms

27. Merck’s Gardasil 9 Receives the US FDA’s Approval to Prevent HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancers

Published: Jun 15, 2020 | Tags: Merck, Gardasil 9, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Prevent, HPV-Related, Head and Neck Cancers

28. Eli Lilly Initiates P-III Study Evaluating Baricitinib in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19

Published: Jun 14, 2020 | Tags: Eli Lilly, Initiates, P-III, Study, Evaluating, Baricitinib, Hospitalized, Patients, COVID-19

29.   Gilead Signs a License Agreement with Zydus and Dr. Reddy’s for Remdesivir to Treat COVID-19

Published: Jun 14, 2020 | Tags: Gilead, Signs, License Agreement, Zydus, Dr. Reddy’s, Remdesivir, Treat, COVID-19

30.  AstraZeneca To Supply 400M Doses of Vaccines to IVA by the End of 2020

Published: Jun 14, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Supply, 400M, Doses, Vaccines, IVA, End, 2020