PRA Collaborates with Microsoft to Foster COVID-19 Monitoring

 PRA Collaborates with Microsoft to Foster COVID-19 Monitoring


  • The collaboration allows Microsoft to integrate its Healthcare Bot service with PRA’s digital platform, providing users who enroll in the COVID-19 monitoring program the ability to use an AI-based chatbot, which responds to COVID-19-related questions, to enhance their own COVID-19 care
  • The integration allows organizations that have implemented PRA’s COVID-19 monitoring program to understand the patient flow and to monitor, educate, and individualize care with greater agility
  • PRA has rolled out the voluntary program and the Health Harmony mobile app, with the integrated Healthcare Bot service, to 7,000+ of its employees in the US. The COVID-19 monitoring program is available commercially to employers, payers, provider, and health systems and offers three levels of support: the educational program, the quarantine program, and the in-depth monitoring program

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