PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (Jun 08- 12, 2020)

 1. Medtronic Receives CE Mark for MiniMed 780G Insulin Pump to Treat Type 1 Diabetes                                               

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Medtronic, Receives, CE, Mark, MiniMed 780G, Insulin Pump, Treat, Type 1 Diabetes

2.  Takeda to Divest OTC and Select Non-core Assets to Celltrion for ~ $278M       

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Divest, OTC, Select Non-core, Assets, Celltrion ~ $278M

 3. Regeneron Initiates its First Clinical Study of Antibody Cocktail for the Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Regeneron, Initiates, First, Clinical Study, Antibody Cocktail, Treatment, Prevention, COVID-19

4.  Lannett to Submit Biosimilar Application to the US FDA for its Insulin Glargine by the End of 2022

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: US, FDA, Advances, Lannett, Program, Biosimilar, Insulin Glargine

5. Moderna to Initiate P-III Study of its mRNA-1273 Against COVID-19 in July 2020

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Moderna, Initiate, P-III, Study, mRNA-1273, Against, COVID-19, July, 2020

6.  Mylan and Biocon Receive the US FDA’s Approval for Semglee (biosimilar, insulin glargine)

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Mylan, Biocon, Receive, US, FDA, Approval, Semglee, insulin glargine injection

7.  Novo Nordisk to Acquire AstraZeneca’s Spin-off Corvidia for ~$2.1B

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Novo Nordisk, Acquire, Corvidia, ~$2.1B

8.  Celltrion to Evaluate Remsima (biosimilar, infliximab) Against COVID-19 in the UK

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: Celltrion, Evaluate, Remsima, biosimilar, infliximab, Against, COVID-19, Britain

9. Pfizer Receives the US FDA’s Approval for its Nyvperia (biosimilar, pegfilgrastim)

Published: Jun 11, 2020 | Tags: Pfizer, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Nyvperia, biosimilar, pegfilgrastim

10.  Sorrento Submits EUA to the US FDA for its COVI-TRACK Test to Detect COVID-19

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: Sorrento, Submits, EUA, US, FDA, COVI-TRACK Test, Detect, COVID-19

11.  BMS’ Opdivo (nivolumab) Receives the US FDA’s Approval for Advanced Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: BMS, Opdivo, nivolumab, Receives, US, FDA, Approval, Advanced, Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

12.  Cipla to Acquire 21.85% Stake in GoApptiv for ₹9 Crores

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: Cipla, Acquire, 21.85%, Stake, GoApptiv, ₹9 Crore

13.  RedHill Biopharma Reports the Submission of CTA for P-II/III Study Evaluating Opaganib Against COVID-19 in Russia

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: RedHill Biopharma, Reports, Submission, CTA, P-II/III, Study, Evaluating, Opaganib, Against, COVID-19, Russia

14.   Johnson & Johnson to Initiate P-I/IIa Clinical Study of its COVID-19 Vaccine in July

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: Johnson & Johnson, Initiate, P-I/IIa, Clinical Study, COVID-19, Vaccine, July

15.   Dexcom’s Glucose Monitoring Wearable System Receives CE Mark in the Europe

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Dexcom, Glucose Monitoring, Wearable System, Receives, CE Mark, Europe

16.   Takeda Signs an Exclusive License and Research Agreement with Debiopharm to Develop Novel Microbiome Therapeutics for the Gastrointestinal Disorders

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Takeda, Signs, Exclusive, License, Research Agreement, Debiopharm, Develop, Novel Microbiome Therapies, Gastrointestinal Disorders

17.  BMS Signs a Clinical Trial Collaboration with UbiVac to Evaluate the Triplet Therapy for Advanced Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: BMS, Signs, Clinical Trial Collaboration, UbiVac, Evaluate, Triplet Therapy, Advanced, Triple Negative Breast Cancer

18.  AbbVie Collaborates with Genmab to Develop and Commercialize Therapies for Cancer Worth Over $3B

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: AbbVie, Collaborates, Genmab, Develop, Commercialize Therapies, Cancer, Worth Over $3B

19.   AstraZeneca Plans to Advance the Combination of Neutralizing Antibody for COVID-19 into Clinical in Next Two Months

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Advance, Combination, Neutralizing, Antibody, Against, COVID-19

20.  Sandoz Receives Health Canada’s Approval to Launch Ziextenzo (biosimilar, pegfilgrastim) and Riximyo (biosimilar, rituximab) in Canada

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Sandoz, Receives, Health Canada, Approval, Launch, Ziextenzo, biosimilar, pegfilgrastim, Riximyo, biosimilar, rituximab

21.  Denali and Sanofi Provide Update on its RIPK1 Program

Published: Jun 10, 2020 | Tags: Denali, Sanofi, Provide, Update, RIPK1 Program

22.  Eli Lilly Signs Five-Years License Agreement with Evox Therapeutics for its DeliverEX Platform

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Eli Lilly, Signs, Five-Years, License Agreement, Evox Therapeutics,  DeliverEX Platform

23.  Eli Lilly Reports Dosing of its First Patient with Tirzepatide in P-III SURPASS-CVOT Study for Cardiovascular Outcomes

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags:  Eli Lilly, Reports, Dosing, First Patient, Tirzepatide, P-III, SURPASS-CVOT, Study, Cardiovascular Outcomes

24.  Mallinckrodt Reports Completion of BLA Submission to the US FDA for StrataGraft to Treat Deep Partial-Thickness Thermal Burns in Adults

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Mallinckrodt, Reports, Completion, BLA, Submission, US, FDA, StrataGraft, Treat, Deep, Partial-Thickness Thermal Burns, Adults

25.   Astellas Reports Results of Roxadustat in P-III DOLOMITES Study to Treat Anemia in Non-Dialysis Dependent Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Astellas, Reports, Results, Roxadustat, P-III, DOLOMITES Study,  Treat, Anemia,  Non-Dialysis, Dependent, Adult Patients, Chronic Kidney Disease

26.   Alphamab Oncology Signs an Agreement with Sanofi for KN026

Published: Jun 09, 2020 | Tags: Alphamab Oncology, Signs, Agreement, Sanofi, KN026

25..Eli Lilly to Initiate P-I Study of its Second Antibody Treatment Against COVID-19

Published: Jun 08, 2020 | Tags: Eli Lilly, Initiate, P-I, Study, Second, Antibody Treatment, Against, COVID-19

26.   Oxford Biomedica Signs a Five-Year Agreement with the Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) for AZD1222

Published: Jun 08, 2020 | Tags: Oxford Biomedica, Signs, Five-Year Agreement, Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, VMIC, AZD1222

27.  AbbVie Enters into a Collaboration to Develop Monoclonal Antibody Therapy for Preventing COVID-19

Published: Jun 08, 2020 | Tags: AbbVie, Enters, Collaboration, Develop, Monoclonal Antibody Therapy, Preventing, COVID-19

28.  AstraZeneca in Talks with Gilead for a Megamerger

Published: Jun 08, 2020 | Tags: AstraZeneca, Talks, Gilead, Megamerger

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