PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (February 17-21, 2020)

1. VBL Therapeutics to Initiate P-II Study Evaluating VB-111 (ofranergene obadenovec) + Nivolumab in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: Nivolumab, Evaluating, Initiate, Metastatic, Colorectal Cancer, Ofranergene, Obadenovec, P-II, Patients, Study, Vb-111 Vbl Therapeutics

2. Teva Reports Results of Austedo (deutetrabenazine) in Two Clinical Studies for Tourette Syndrome

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Teva, Reports, Results, Austedo, deutetrabenazine, Two, Clinical Studies, Tourette Syndrome

3. Chugai’s Rozlytrek Receives MHLW’s Approval for ROS1 Fusion-Positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: ALCL, Alecensa, Approval, ATTP, Chugai, Fusion-Positive, MHLW, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Receives, Rituxan, Ros1 Rozlytrek

4. BioMarin Receives the US FDA’s Priority Review Acceptance of Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec’s BLA for Patients with Hemophilia A

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: Biomarin, BLA, US FDA, Hemophilia A, Patients, Priority Review, Acceptance, Receives, Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec

5. GSK Signs an Agreement with Immatics to Develop Adoptive Cell Therapies for Multiple Cancer Indications

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: Adoptive, Cell Therapies, Agreement, Cancer, Indications, Develop, GSK, Immatics, Multiple, Signs

6. Roche Introduces RocheDiabetes InsulinStart to Facilitate the Access to Insulin Therapy for T2D Patients

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: Access, Facilitate, Insulin, Therapy, Roche, Rochediabetes Insulinstart, Type-2 Diabetes

7. Genentech Signs an Agreement with Nimble to Discover and Develop Novel Peptide-Based Therapies

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Agreement, Develop, Discover, Genentech, Nimble, Novel, Peptide-Based, Therapies, Signs

8. Abbott to Recall Coronary Dilatation Catheters Due to Failure of Balloon Deflation

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Abbott, Balloon, Deflation, Coronary, Dilatation, Catheters, Failure Recall

9. Vifor Pharma and Fresenius Kabi Collaborate to Establish Joint Venture in China

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: China, Collaborate, Establish, Fresenius Kabi, Joint Venture, Vifor Pharma

10. Astellas and Seattle Genetics’ Padcev (enfortumab vedotin-ejfv) + Keytruda Receive FDA’s Breakthrough Therapy Designation as 1L Treatment for Advanced Bladder Cancer

Published: Feb 20, 2020 | Tags: 1l Advanced Bladder Cancer, Astellas, Breakthrough Therapy, Designation, Enfortumab Vedotin-Ejfv, FDA, Keytruda, Padcev, Receive, Seattle Genetics

11. Merck KGaA to Divest its Allergopharma to Dermapharm

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Allergopharma, Dermapharm, Divest, Merck, KGaA

12. WuXi Vaccines Signs Twenty Years Manufacturing Agreement with Global Vaccine Leaders for $3B

 Published: Feb 18, 2020 | Tags: $3B, Global, Vaccine, Leaders, Manufacturing, Agreement, Signs, Twenty Years, Wuxi, Vaccines

13. Abbott Collaborates with Insulet to Integrate Glucose Sensing Technology with Automated Insulin Delivery System for Seamless Diabetes Care

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Abbott, Automated, Insulin Delivery, System, Collaborates, Glucose, Sensing, Technology, Insulet Integrate Seamless, Diabetes Care

14. Janssen Expands its Collaboration with BARDA to Expedite the Discovery of COVID-19 Therapies

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Barda, Collaboration, Covid-19, Therapies, Discovery, Expands, Expedite, Janssen

15. Abbott’s Gallant ICD and CRT-D Device Receives CE Mark in the EU

 Published: Feb 18, 2020 | Tags: Abbott, CE Mark, CRT-D, Device, EU, Gallant, ICD, Receives

16. Hyperfine Research Receives the US FDA’s 510(k) Clearance for its World’s First Bedside MRI system

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: 510(K), Bedside, MRI System, Clearance, FDA, First ,Hyperfine, Research, Receives, US, World

17. Roche Reports the US FDA Acceptance of sBLA and Granted Priority Review for Tecentriq (atezolizumab) as 1L Monotherapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: 1l, Acceptance, Advanced, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Atezolizumab, FDA, Granted, Monotherapy, Priority Review, Reports, Roche, sBLA Tecentriq, US

18. Sanofi Collaborates with BARDA to Facilitate the Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Barda, Collaborates, Coronavirus, Vaccine, Development, Facilitate, Sanofi

19. Chugai’s RG6042 Receives MHLW’s Orphan Drug Designation for Huntington’s Disease in Japan

Published: Feb 19, 2020 | Tags: Chugai, Japan, MHLW, Orphan Drug Designation, Rg6042

20. Pfizer’s Vyndaqel (tafamidis, 61mg) Receives EC’s Approval as the First Therapy to Treat Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy in the EU

Published: Feb 18, 2020 | Tags: 61mg, Approval, EC, EU, First Therapy ,Pfizer, Receives, Tafamidis Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy, Vyndaqel

21. WAT Medical Reports Results of HeadaTerm TENS Therapy in a Clinical Study to Treat Acute Migraine

Published: Feb 18, 2020 | Tags: WAT Medical, Acute Migraine, Clinical, Study, Headaterm, Tens Therapy, Reports, Results, Treat

22. MVC Collaborates with the US NIH to Develop Vaccine Against Corona Virus

Published: Feb 17, 2020 | Tags: (NIH), Against, Collaborates, Corona Virus, Develop, MVC, US, Vaccine

23. Noxopharm Collaborates with GenesisCare to Bring Combination Regimen of Veyonda (idronoxil) and Lu-PSMA in Australia

Published: Feb 17, 2020 | Tags: Bring, Collaborates, Combination, Regimen, Genesiscare Idronoxil Lu-PSMA, Noxopharm Veyonda

24. GSK’s Voltaren Arthritis Pain Receives the US FDA’s Approval as an OTC Medication

Published: Feb 17, 2020 | Tags: Approval, FDA, GSK, OTC, Medication, Receives, US, Voltaren Arthritis Pain

25. Chugai and Sanofi to Terminate their Licensing Agreement for Tofogliflozin Hydrate in Japan  

Published: Feb 17, 2020 | Tags: Chugai, Japan, Licensing, Agreement, Sanofi, Terminate, Tofogliflozin Hydrate

26. Zydus Cadila Launches a Research Program to Develop Vaccine Against Coronavirus

Published: Feb 15, 2020 | Tags: Against, Coronavirus, Develop, Launches, Research, Program, Zydus Cadila

27. Novartis’ Beovu (brolucizumab) Receives EC’s Approval for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Published: Feb 15, 2020 | Tags: Age-Related, Macular Degeneration, Approval, Beovu, Brolucizumab, EC, Novartis, Receives, Wet

28. Celltrion Reports Results of Remsima SC (biosimilar, infliximab) in a Clinical Study for Active Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis #ECCO2020

Published: Feb 15, 2020 | Tags: Infliximab, #Ecco2020, Active Crohn’s Disease, Biosimilar, Celltrion , Clinical Study, Remsima, SC, Reports, Results, Ulcerative Colitis

29. PharmaMar and Jazz Receive the US FDA’s Priority Review Acceptance of Lurbinectedin’s NDA for Patients with Relapsed Small Cell Lung Cancer

Published: Feb 17, 2020 | Tags: Acceptance, FDA, Jazz, Lurbinectedin, NDA, Pharmamar, Priority Review, Receive, Relapsed, Small Cell Lung Cancer, US

30. Merck & Co’s Ervebo (Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live) Receives Approval in Four African Countries

Published: Feb 14, 2020 | Tags: Approval, Ebola, Zaire, Vaccine, Ervebo, Four, African, Countries, Live, Merck & Co, Receives

31. Teva Collaborates with Global HOPE and Direct Relief for Providing Access to Medications in Africa

Published: Feb 14, 2020 | Tags: Access, Africa, Collaborates, Direct Relief Partner, Global Hope, Medication, Providing, Teva

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