PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (01 Oct-06 Oct,2018)

  1. Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma (MTP-CA) Receives Health Canada Approval of Radicava for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Published: 5 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, (MTP-CA), Receives, Health Canada, Approval, Radicava, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

  1. Emergent BioSolutions Announces Completion of Acquisition of PaxVax for ~$270M

Published: 4 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Emergent BioSolutions, Announces, Completion, Acquisition, PaxVax, $270M, Vivotif, Vaxchora


  1. Evotec Signs an Agreement with Sanofi for Novel Drug Development

Published: 4 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Evotec, Signs, Agreement, Sanofi, Novel, Drug Development, BRIDGE LAB031


  1. Janssen Signs Exclusive Worldwide Agreement with Arrowhead for $3.7B

Published: 4 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Janssen, Signs, Exclusive, Worldwide, Commercialization, Development, Agreement, Arrowhead $3.7B, ARO-HBV


  1. Roche’s Hemlibra Receives the US FDA Approval for Haemophilia A Without Factor VIII Inhibitors

Published: 4 Oct, 2018 | Tags: Tags: Roche, Hemlibra, (emicizumab), Receives, the US FDA, Approval, Haemophilia A, Without Factor VIII Inhibitors

  1. Lilly Reports Results of Dual GIP and GIP-1 Receptor Agonist with Reduction in HbA1c and Body Weight

Published: 10 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Tags: Lilly, Reports, Results, Dual GIP and GIP-1 Receptor Agonist, Reduction, HbA1c and Body Weight


  1. Xbrane Biopharma Reports Results of Xlucane Compared to Lucentis from In Vivo Study

Published: 10 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Xbrane Biopharma, Reports, Results, Xlucane, Lucentis, In-Vivo Study


  1. Celyad Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with Horizon Discovery for its shRNA Technology

Published: 4 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Celyad, Signs, Exclusive, License, Agreement, Horizon Discovery, shRNA technology


  1. Eagle Pharmaceuticals and USAMRICD Signs an Agreement for Ryanodex (dantrolene sodium)

Published: 3 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Eagle Pharmaceuticals, USAMRICD, Signs, Agreement, Ryanodex (dantrolene sodium)


  1. Gilead Reports Results of Biktarvy for the Treatment of HIV-1 in Adults (Treatment Naive)

Published: 3 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Gilead, Reports, Results, Biktarvy, Treatment, HIV-1, Adults, P-III 1489


  1. Novo Nordisk’s Tresiba Receives Health Canada Approval for Type 1 Diabetes in patients Aged ≥2 years

Published: 1 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Novo Nordisk, Tresiba, Receives, Health Canada, Approval, Type 1 Diabetes, Aged ≥2 years


  1. Kite and HiFiBio Signs a Research & License Agreement for Neoantigen-Reactive T Cell Receptors (TCRs)

Published: 3 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Kite, HiFiBio Therapeutics, Signs, Research, License, Agreement, Neoantigen-Reactive T Cell Receptors (TCRs)

  1. Novartis Signs License and Equity Investment Agreement with Boston Pharmaceuticals

Published: 3 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Novartis, Signs, License, Equity Investment, Agreement, Boston Pharmaceuticals


  1. Alnylam Launches Novel RNAi Therapeutic Onpattro (patisiran) in Germany

Published: 2 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Alnylam, Launches, Novel, RNAi Therapeutic, Onpattro (patisiran), Germany


  1. Merck Partnered with Dragonfly for Development and Commercialization of Immunotherapies for $695M

Published: 1 Oct, 2018 |Tags: Merck, Partnered, Dragonfly, Development, Commercialization, Immunotherapies, $695M


  1. Insmed Receives FDA Approval of Arikayce for Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Lung Disease in Adults

Published: 28 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Insmed, Receives, FDA Approval, Arikayce, Treat Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Lung Disease, Adults

  1. GSK and Hitachi Chemical Signs a Three-year Agreement for T-cell Therapy

Published: 1 Oct, 2018 |Tags: GSK , Hitachi Chemical, Signs, Three-year, Agreement, T-cell Therapy


  1. Hologic Acquires Focal Therapeutics for $125M to Strengthen its Breast Surgery Platform

Published: 26 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Hologic, Acquisition, Focal Therapeutics, $125M, Strengthen, Breast Surgery Platform, BioZorb


  1. Sanofi’s Libtayo Receives the US FDA Approval for Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (mCSCC)

Published: 28 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Sanofi, Libtayo, Receives, the US FDA, Approval, Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (mCSCC)


  1. Taro Terminates License and Co-Development Agreement with NovaBiotics for Novexatin

Published: 28 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Taro, Terminates, License & Co-Development, Agreement, NovaBiotics, Novexatin

  1. Teva Launches Exclusive First-to-File Generic Version of Cialis in the US

Published: 27 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Teva, Launches, Exclusive, First-to-File, Generic Version, Cialis, the US


  1. Roche Acquires Tusk Therapeutics for $81.2M (€70M) for Its Novel Antibody

Published: 28 Sep, 2018 |Tags: Roche, Acquires, Tusk Therapeutics, $81.2M (€70M), Novel Antibody


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