JW Pharma Acquires C&C Research Laboratories a Joint Venture with Chugai

Chugai and JW Pharma Collaborate to Establish a Joint Venture C&C Research Laboratories


  • JWP to acquire all stock of Chugai in C&C by 31 Dec 2019. C&C will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of JWP and will continue its R&D with independent management. Additionally, JWP and Chugai will cooperate on novel therapies developed by C&C
  • The collaboration follows the succeeding of C&C in developing candidates for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and gout treatment
  • C&C is a Korea based company developed JW1601 and URC102 to treat atopic dermatitis and gout respectively. JW1601 (PO) is an H4R antagonist expected to have anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory with its IND submission to the US for PK study and is out-licensed to Leo Pharma in Aug 2018

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