PharmaShots Weekly Snapshot (September 10-15, 2018)

  1. Genentech Receives FDA approval for Actemra SC for the Treatment of Active Systemic JIA in patients aged ≥2 yrs.

Published: 13 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Genentech, Receives, FDA, approval, Actemra SC, Treatment, Active Systemic JIA, aged ≥2 yrs.


  1. Moleculin Reports Dosing of Novel Brain Cancer Drug WP1066 in P-I trial for the treatment of Brain Tumor

Published: 13 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Moleculin, Reports Dosing, Novel Brain Cancer Drug, WP1066, P-I trial, treatment, Brain Tumor


  1. VistaGen Therapeutics Acquires WW Rights for Pherin’s PH94B nasal spray for the Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder

Published: 13 Sept, 2018 |Tags: VistaGen, Acquires, WW Rights, Pherin, PH94B, nasal spray, Treatment, Social Anxiety Disorder


  1. AstraZeneca’s Lumoxiti Receives FDA approval for the Treatment of R/R 2L+ Hairy Cell Leukemia in patients

Published: 14 Sept, 2018 |Tags: AstraZeneca, Lumoxiti, Receives, FDA, approval, Treatment, R/R 2L+, Hairy Cell Leukemia


  1. Regeneron Announces FDA Review Acceptance of EYLEA’s sBLA for the treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

Published: 13 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Regeneron, Announces, FDA, Review Acceptance, EYLEA, sBLA, treatment, Diabetic Retinopathy


  1. Celgene Reports Improvement in patients with Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis with OTEZLA in P-III ESTEEM trial

Published: 12 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Celgene, Reports, Improvement, patients, Moderate-to-Severe, Plaque Psoriasis, OTEZLA, P-III, ESTEEM trial


  1. Boehringer Ingelheim Acquires Vira Therapeutics Stakes for Development of Immuno- Oncology Viral Therapies

Published: 13 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Boehringer Ingelheim, Acquires, Vira Therapeutics, Stakes, Develop, Immuno- Oncology, Viral Therapies


  1. Gilead and Precision Biosciences Collaborates to Develop and Commercialize therapies for the Treatment of HBV using ARCUS Technology

Published: 12 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Gilead, Precision Biosciences, Collaboration, Develop, Commercialize, therapy, HBV, ARCUS


  1. Shire Receives EU’s MAA for VEYVONDI for the Treatment of von Willebrand disease in adults

Published: 12 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Shire, Receives, EU, MAA, VEYVONDI, Treatment, VWD


  1. Regeneron and Sanofi Announces Acceptance of sBLA for PRALUENT’s by the US for the Treatment of Reduction in MACE

Published: 12 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Regeneron, Sanofi, Announces, Acceptance, sBLA, PRALUENT’s, US, Treatment, Reduction, MACE


  1. Novartis Reports Real World Evidence from Psoriasis patients indicating Treatment to Exceed Beyond Clear Skin and safety

Published: 12 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Novartis, Reports, Psoriasis, survey, Exceed, Beyond Clear Skin, safety


  1. Gilead and Galapagos NV Reports Filgotinib (JAK1i) achieve 1EP and 2EP in FINCH-2 P-III study for the Treatment of RA

Published: 11 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Gilead, Galapagos, Reports, Filgotinib, achieve, 1EP, 2EP, FINCH-2 P-III, RA


  1. Merck’s ZERBAXA Achieves 1EP of Non-Inferiority in P-III ASPECT-NP study for the Treatment of HABP or VABP in adults

Published: 11 Sept, 2018|Tags: Merck’s, ZERBAXA, Achieves, 1EP, Non-Inferiority, P-III ASPECT-NP, Treatment, HABP, VABP


  1. Medtronic Announces Onset of Onyx ONE Clear study in High Bleeding Risk Patients with Resolute Onyx DES

Published: 10 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Medtronic, Onset of Onyx ONE Clear study, High bleeding risk, Resolute Onyx DES, the US, Japan,


  1. Elevian’s Launch to Develop Medicines for Longevity and Age-Related Disorders

Published: 10 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Elevian, Launch, Develop, Medicines, Longevity, Age-Related Disorders


  1. GSK’s Nucala Proves to be Superior than AZ’s Fasenra and Teva’s Cinqair for the Treatment of Severe Eosinophilic Asthma

Published: 10 Sept, 2018 |Tags: GSK, Nucala, Superior AZ, Fasenra, Teva, Cinqair, Treatment, Severe Eosinophilic Asthma


  1. Merck’s (KEYTRUDA in combination with ALIMTA and Pt CT) Receives EU Approval for 1L mNonsq NSCLC with no EGFR or ALK Genomic Tumor

Published: 10 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Merck, EU, approval, KEYTRUDA, combination, ALIMTA, Pt CT, 1L, mNonsq, NSCLC


  1. Xspray Pharma Reports Positive P-I Trial Results of HyNap-Dasa for the Treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

Published: 9 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Xspray Pharma, P-I, positive results, HyNap-Dasa, CML,


  1. Exelixis’ Cabometyx (cabozantinib) Recommended by the NCCN in its Clinical Practice Guidelines for advanced RCC despite of patient risk status

Published: 7 Sept, 2018 |Tags: Exelixis, Cabometyx, NCCN, clinical practice guidelines, advanced RCC



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